Kentucky Fried Chicken Coupons – Save up to 80% on KFC

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Calvin Snow says:

It is so insulting to all our  intelligence when receiving KFCs SO CALLED SPECIALS   EXAMPLE   BIG CRUNCH  COMBO @ $6.99   Then they offer   @ can DINE for $14.99  a full dollar an ! cent more than if we by  2 separate  ones   SHOULD IT NOT BR LESS  THAN  $13.98  also   3 PC  MEAL @ $7.99 and 2 can dine for $16.99  SHOULD IT NOT BE LESS THAN  $15.98I have noticed this many times in the past thinking misprint  but this is happening more often to be mistakes    I JUST HOPE KFCs   COOKING  and CHICKEN are not so BAD as their MATH and ADVERTISING PEOPLE    WAKE UP EVERYONE DONT LET ADVERTISING AND COUPONS KEEP MAKING FOOLS OUT OFF US . We must keep checking  seems businesses are out to RIP us OFF  BIG TIME

Mike ling says:

this is awesome, you need more views!!!!

SammyFlavour says:

Thanks dude. Really helped out!

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