Krazy Coupon Lady Joanie Demer Shares Her Tips For Extreme Couponing

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Paying $10 for a cart-full of groceries sounds impossible, but it’s just another day at the store for Joanie Demer. Rich DeMuro meets up with the “Krazy Coupon Lady” to find out her favorite coupon websites that can save you big bucks the next time you walk down the supermarket aisle.


JACKiiEEx13 says:

@JACKiiEEx13 so my point is people who are suffering out there and trying to make ends meet don't really have time to sit there and cut coupons and wait for sales so they can get good deals, they're out there trying to find a job and make money to survive.

JACKiiEEx13 says:

@thepinkink well i dont want to stereotype anyone but i think it's more of a housewife kind of thing because people who are working from paycheck to paycheck don't have as much time to look for deals and sales and cut coupons cause they're either working or taking care of their family. a housewife has more time on her hands so this helps out the family but if you're the only supporter it would be more difficult.

thepinkink says:

@JACKiiEEx13 hey, thx for your Re. but let me say that i do get the math girl lol
i just dont get how on earth this kind of craziness work when actually many people without jobs and food are suffering out there. dont get me wrong, i do like craziness. i do like buy more spend less. but i just think this gone too far.

JACKiiEEx13 says:

@thepinkink how it works is you wait for items to go on sale. say you want to buy two candy bars and they're $1 each. The bars are on sale for buy one get one free. Then the store had a coupon for $.50 off a candy bar. Then you can also stack the manufacture coupon on top, so say you had a $.50 off coupon as well. So in the end the candy bar is $1, but bogo, so its a dollar a piece plus the store coupon and MFC so you pay $0. because the store covered the free candy bar + your coupons = free

thepinkink says:

i live in japan and every time i bumped into this kind of videos/articles i just dont get it.
if you get things that usually have a price for free, what happen to those people that are working hard for those "products"?? do they get enough money so they can support their family? the minimum wage is super low ? the companies are over supplying so bad ?
you never get things for free like this in here unless they are samples or you won a freebee.
how is the trick??

Karen Spoo says:

@SquirrelFromGradLife Try watching the Extreme Couponing for Normal People by the SoukupFamily33950. She does grocery shopping with the things most people eat AND saves a lot of money on the things they do NEED!

Sam says:

@SQUIRRELFROMGRADLIFE: I am not leading like cattle and if all you can say about couponing is that we are sad and that we don't save any money then maybe you are ignorant and you should not speak on it. UNLESS you know what you are talking about then maybe you should shut up, I mean really. Telling us to get a life, if you had a life, you would not waste your time looking at her youtube videos or make unnecessary comments, Do something better with your life Ass hole.

SquirrelFromGradLife says:

@laniecehoward I have yet to see anyone buy anything they actually need.. not one single crazy coupon person.. not one single one…
and you're actually saying that you will be lead around like cattle by retailers buying junk then wheres your self esteem… the time and effort you people put into saving 30 cents of some shit you do not need is ridiculous… you basically do not have anything better to do and thats so sad, so fucking sad…

Sam says:

@squirrelfromgradlife: IF you started couponing, I bet you will retract your comment. DONT hate, congradulate. How are you going to say that if you have not tried it yet?

Sam says:

@Kandicewc: IF you started couponing, I bet you will retract your comment. DONT hate, congradulate. How are you going to say that if you have not tried it yet?

SquirrelFromGradLife says:

@kandicewc byuing a lot of shit you dont need do not make you happy and someone have to pay for that shit..
have you ever heard of anybody getting anything for free? when is the last time you just gave somebody 100 dollars?… well I say never…
and you're paying for that shit through higher prices for commodities people actually need…
Wallmart… the tightest people ever… do you really believe they would give you anything? if you didnt pay for it five time already?..
wasting your time…

Kandice Cardenas says:

@SquirrelFromGradLife Complete ignorant response…..

SquirrelFromGradLife says:

yet another way for house wifes to waste their time… good on ya…
and you do not save one penny because your just buying stuff you do not need..
you spend so much time and energy into buying useless junk in the hope that buying stuff will give your life meaning and make your family happy…
just think of all the time you spent couponing if that were spent on working out with your kids, teaching them about values or doing community service..and your stuck with a pantry full of junk…LOL

billbot60 says:

I want to know if you can just shop for the items you normally use and save that much..probably not.

LolloRosso says:

It's amazing how much one can save, but I personally wouldn't even have any use for a lot of the items that she bought.

Par N says:

Huh… couponing´s gonna save da world ?

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