Lean Cuisine Snack Machine

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Hand Model : Ashly Covington


Jordan Walter says:

@FoxyMamaRox Oh I know That Fiat one is terrible.

Veronica Williams says:

@alanisfan85 LOL I feel the same way. It has been annoying me all day. XD It's right up there with that Fiat video with J-Lo.

Theo Reximus says:

SMPL (shit my pants laughing)

Jordan Walter says:

I can't stand this commercial! I wanna slap that woman so bad. I can't stand her.

cderonr says:

bahahaha the other woman is like "BITCH, I WANT SOME!!!!!"
her mouth is watering!

Nefarious Ned says:

Why doesn't she use her own voice, instead of an affected one? Originality is the key to success.

Zay P says:

Lmao I always bust out with songs like that!

poshprincess says:

lol I love this commercial.

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