Learn How to Get Multiples of the Same Coupons

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I scored tons of FREE cat food with multiples of the same coupons. You all have heard of the people who spend hundreds upon hundreds of dollars with their coupons and get multiples of the same thing. How? They order em’! Don’t fret, you can get them for dirt, and I mean dirt cheap. $0.50 – $2.00 for 20!


Nane Cotto says:

hello I love ur video it help me a lot ..I'm new this and I'm a Lil confuse …
I have 4 of the same coupon can I used the same coupon on the item ?
Then I have some coupons that say : 1. limit one coupon per purchase .
2.limit of 4 exact same coupon per household per day.
Can u plz help me with this questions

Mr.StarofTruth says:

can you use all those coupons in one trans action or do you have to use one coupon per visit??

Sue Fox says:

oupons  which you ge off ebay- these are good  coupons? you don't have any problems with stores on coupons. i am new to this. liked your video. sue

Sally Mustang says:

Aww that's one happy cat ^_^

Stacy Serrano says:

Great video!

Simone Crippen says:

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koolbraden com says:

Dang good quality

joe18370 says:

your local recycle center for coupons

Crystal Banks says:

did she say people on ebay are honest?

S_K_J. Arts says:

You can also get free coupons from recycle centers

rv91105 says:

I wonder how to the "ebayers" get that many coupons in the first place lol

A- KC says:

If anyone is intrested in making money by helping yourself and others save $$ click on my name

Danii says:

This was so helpful and easily explained! Thank you!!

vongoth01 says:

Informative and helpful video! Two thumbs up!

Regina Ghattas says:

great video! !! 🙂 And you made your fur babies very happy too 🙂 I do the same on eBay. A few people on there who sale coupons, I buy regularly from. But this video is great for introducing a beginner to the art of saving with coupons and a good way of how to find many of them to use. Thank you

babbeyjane says:

LOL and my fat cat! I died. LOLLLLL! ^^

courtney says:

make more purchases with a different cashier

Noahs Ark says:

In Canada it's one coupon per item and I've found the coupons are for the more expensive items and rarely for what I buy.

aldeshsa says:

Thanks! Very helpful.

Ruth Flores says:

eBay isn't that honest

St0ttZy says:

Does not matter, coupons are void when transferred. Its just thieves supporting organized thieves.

Nadia McIntosh says:

I meant to say on one given Monday I got those many inserts,

Nadia McIntosh says:

Two words: dumpster diving, I spoke with the guy in charge of the recycling center in my area. I know what time to go and when to get them. I got 12 ss insert and 12 rp inserts. I would have gotten more but my time was running short.

elbertivory2006 says:

Awesome, thanks for the tips!

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