Learn To Coupon (Lesson #1 – The Basics)

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Here is the first video in my “Learn To Coupon” series. I know it’s quite lengthy, but there is a lot of information to share with you and I want to make sure that you have a complete understanding of how things work. I recommend that you watch the video in small increments and favorite it so that you can easily refer back to it when necessary.

I wanted to be as thorough as possible so that everyone can get a good understanding of the entire process and how everything works together to make for amazing couponing deals.

If you have additional questions that did not get addressed here, please list them in the comment section and I will address them as soon as I can.

I hope that this so far was helpful and that you enjoyed lesson #1.

Mickey B.


Naimah Salahuddin says:

You are a good teacher

Dorothy Favela says:

Where or how I start to get bulk of coupons

maria alvarez says:

Please help me explain to me we’re can I get coupons for free I want save money this time is so difficult I need save money for emergency

Racquel Marshall says:

Great video, enjoyed it thoroughly. I IMMEDIATELY Subscribed…Yeaaa!! Can you post the link to the CVS Specialist "Dear loving Diva" please…if U can….I love shopping at CVS. I tried searching, but didn't find her…maybe because I'm not putting in the right info. THANKS again for sharing such value…XOXO & Blessings🤗.

Myriam Tchassem says:

I really think your video the only video that works best for me
You did not mention the names of the papers we can use
I only have the sunday paper
Are we buying 10 sunday papers or there are different ones

kathy silsbee says:

you have helped me so very much.

John Gabriele says:

Thank you so much… I've been telling my wife for years we need to do this … We're poor young parents with 2 kids…. Years ago and we need to save as much as possible…. Had a few people we personally knew ,never responded back… Years & years go by… Now we are struggling again… I told her we need to try and find a video again that can explain it to us, an easy going step by step video…. And thank god I come a crossed you now….
God bless you for being an educated enough person , to know how to simplify it….

Elizabeth Godissart says:

I just want the stuff that I need everyday at a decent price. that's why I coupon

Southern Momma says:

if I use a BOGO coupon can I use another coupon on the one I bought?

cindy86 says:

can you please explain why its bad to go with different cashiers???

Drea Cheeks says:

Great job, thanks!!

Pokemon Seven says:

What about target?

nancy maldonado says:

Thank you Blessings

LADYKMGV718 says:

just from listening to you're intro… it makes alot of sense. please help me and my mom get started.

Dee Xscapes says:

Thank you so much! I'm a college student trying to save some money & you have NO idea how much your videos have helped me. Again thank you 🙂

Simi Tjon says:

one of the best infovideos on couponing…….if not the best…..what are fillers

Penny Giller says:

Thank you….I only shop for two but I found myself chasing "great deals" too often spending too much….I ve done two deals and the second one was better…21 items approximately 2.55 cents each at cvs for over a half years of stockpile of soap, shampoo, toothpaste, mouthwash, anitpersp. restock basic starter make up for the year….now my goal is 2.00 per item or less or free…..you have saved me so much time with your common sense approach to "Asking Yourself Why you are Couponing and Getting a goal…..I shop at 2 stores so its easier to keep track off and only others if its free and add points up….Costco costs me money so Ibotta check back for items goes towards that membership with money back…..thanks so much for helping me…a beginner save time, money and to stay on a common sense approach…great appreciated…..setting a budget now to go to CVS….10.00 to 15.00 and see what I can get for free with ECB/s to keep it going like you said…

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