Learning to Coupon! How TO GET Coupons! For Beginners ❤

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*****Also…No Insert coupons on Holiday Weekends 😥***

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Amy Stotts says:

How would I go about finding out if I can get the newspapers from Groupon or something similar? My job dropped when I heard you say that! That would take so much work and stress away from me! Preferably, I would like them to be from another area but the price would be way too good to pass up! I'm paying $416 per year to get four of each insert every week. That is insane!

hayatwahob says:

Thank You! This is very helpful especially since I am a newbie😊

Susan Munford says:

Good tutorial, looking forward to next vid.Thank you.I coupon as much as I can.

karen jones says:

you did a really good intro, it's been a few years since i did a lot of couponing and things have changed so i appreciate all of your advice. it's important for me as i have retired so i have social sec and a small pension. gotta do what we must to get by and live. thanks!

April Hernandez says:

such a great informative video with information that many people may not know about.. 😀❤💙💚👌

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