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COUPONS YOU NEED —— http://bcg.coupons.com/link/index/1093520001/165992


cindy cusson says:

I'm from Montreal and love Walmart

Synolve Craft says:

Thanks so much for teaching us the deals!!! Yessssss!!! Those pods are awesome for college! My college son taught me this trick!🌟✨✨✨✨✨✨

Claudia Romero says:

I'm from Rhode Island Milk is 1.97 here and eggs are 1.00


thank you so much for all you do this is cool beans Denton ,Tx

Nadjia Woods says:

New Youk, City Love Walmart

Mary Stephenson says:

Hey, do you go others places to teach people's how coupons? I'm from Hampton, Arkansas.

Marsha Caughill says:

I love ❤️ Walmart can you please help me to get good deals please

Lauradane 80 says:

One thing not mentioned about Savings Catcher is that there is a limit of seven receipts per week that can be used.

Tonya Diedrich says:

Carthage Mo and all we have is Wal mart

Dianna Haddix says:

Wow what prices!!!! Those prices arent in California…..:(

keishla calcorzi says:

Just got in to couponing trying to learn I'm from Lancaster,PA

Teresa Bradley says:

There are tons of Wal-Mart's here in Michigan. I've never never seen Eggs for .28WOW.

Elizabeth Small says:

Some coupons say 1 per transaction. I go to self check and use all my coupons in 1 transaction.

Lily Torres says:

Yes I need n want to learn how to coupon

Furby Gender says:

Ive been doing savings catcher for 3 years and so far I have gotten back $74. Its definitely worth it

Diana Robling says:

SE Illinois. We only have Wal-Mart in our area. Good job on video.

Irene Pogrebinsky says:

Please indicate the day you are working in

Martha Hernandez says:

Watching from Dallas, Texas.. Thx 4 sharing.

Samantha Stout says:

You guys are so awesome! I coupon at walmart too in flagstaff az and the problem I have is that some cashiers are so rude and like yell just because your using coupons 😥it makes me so sad and mad how do you guys handle this?

Kim Ellis says:

How do i clip & link? Good job I'm in Okc.

Maria Dominguez says:

I went from having three jobs single mom raising 3 kids and 4 gran children
handicap on still disabled so I love you for this opportunity to learn thank you.

Karen Lanclos says:

Louisiana here

rsyc 18 says:

yeah u talk a little fast 🙂

rsyc 18 says:

im from iowa im a walmart shopper 🙂

nery colon 1 says:

wow the milk here is almost 6 dollars the gallon. I'm from puerto rico. just started ibotta 3 days ago. loved and subbed.

hefflersmom says:

Wow, I wish milk an eggs where that price here! Milk is 2.98 and eggs are 1.89, we're from Maryland

Lisa Clark says:


Rubynette Hill says:

I am from Orlando FL.way to go and amazing prices.

Stephen Chapman says:

I'm a kid and coupon.And I from SOUTH CAROLINA

Rosa Rios says:

Im following you, but you speak to fast, I like your page , thanks you.

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