Letting my kids eat anything they want for a day | #ad

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Download the Kroger app: https://bit.ly/3UUPgnI
Snacks for days! they managed to find items that I was able to save on with digital coupons on the @krogerco app. Get your groceries delivered or find great deals and rewards in-store and online with weekly sales & promotions. I was happy with their choices and overall, I’d say this was a success! #ad


Goofy graphics 🧻🚽 says:

I swear I’m not the only one that heard PP & J

md nafiz says:

Oh 💀 i thought you are a teenager or something but i am wrong,💀💀 she has kids ok ok 💀

Peniel Joseph says:

I thought you were single

Guardian Tiger says:

THEY ASKED FOR BROCCOLI!? They have great taste ma'am, you did amazing

Guardian Tiger says:

Wow, at least they ate healthy despite having anything they could have wanted 👍

Ash English says:

They CHOSE broccoli??? These kids eat better than I do too😅

kineisha amara says:

SHE HAS KIDS????????

jais dacres says:

Rip to your bank account

G McC says:

Could be worse they could ask for candy 😂

zavl says:

For lucn we have PB&j bento box- AEEAHHAHA

°GracePlaysRoblox° says:

I would’ve gotten one healthy thing, and one thing with protein, then all candy lol

Adelina Anthony says:

They picked really good choices

Zoya Niko says:

they are so CUTE

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