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Good for one free hug. Expires: Never.


Wintermute says:

@backslashZ I was totally going to say that.

letseatriceballs says:

BUSTED! hugging that guy ! hahaha lol'ed

Brian Michlitch says:

1:26 had me rolling!

Clencibert says:

…. I want that hug, that you've promised in the video description… I want it….

Neropatti says:

This one is so cute. I would go to Matt's massage parlour but my back isn't unusually muscular…=(

Rusty Van Productions says:

Thank god that massage coupon didn't include full release.

3Life3 says:

dude, I wonder what would happen if I carried around a tonne of those.. actually that'd be kind of weird..
Im more of a get out of jail free card kinda guy

thesepeoplecomedy says:

Thanks so much for the comments! Always great to get a new fan! 馃檪

thesepeoplecomedy says:

the best looking two seconds of my life.

Anthony Joubert says:

Kate… put away the groceries…

Eli Saintyourmom says:

xD it honestly was not that hard i dunno gets me laughin everytime! 馃榾

thesepeoplecomedy says:

Thanks, there's a lot of competition out there, but we think you've made a wise choice this day.

Eli Saintyourmom says:

you guys are my favorite comedy group on youtube….. sorry you just are

thesepeoplecomedy says:

We haven't made it that far out, but they're on the list.

thesepeoplecomedy says:

Mostly the Metro Detroit area. I doubt there is a city in South Eastern Michigan that hasn't been in a ThesePeople sketch in come capacity.

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