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I’m going to talk about coupons today and, specifically, the difference between store coupons and manufacturer coupons. So, we’re all used to getting coupons in the paper or sent to us in the mail, and it’s important to know the difference between the coupons. Many coupons are from the manufacturer, so the people who actually make that product. And you can see that. It’s labeled on the actual coupon. It’ll say “manufacturer coupon.”

Other coupons are from the store. So, it may be from your local Safeway or King Soopers, you name it. And what’s important here is that you can sometimes stack those together, right? So you can actually take a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon for the same product, and stack them. You generally can’t stack two manufacturer coupons or two store coupons. So, knowing that distinction up front is going to be important for a smart couponing strategy.

Now, the other type of coupon is a Catalina coupon. And those are the type of coupons that you get usually when you are at the checkout, and the cashier will hand you some pieces of paper. Those are oftentimes the most relevant coupons, because it’s based off of your buying behavior. And you can add those. Those will also be labeled as “store” or “manufacturer.” And you can stack those in the same way that you might stack those other types of coupons. So, that’s a little bit of tips about the different types of coupons that are out there.


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