MASSIVE SALE AT BIG LOTS!!! – Stack Your COUPONS To SAVE Even MORE! – August 2023!

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In this video, we are at Big Lot’s and notice they are having a massive sale this month. As we go around shopping we show all the prices, and ways we can all take advantage of these deals. They are even allowing everyone to stack their coupons, which makes this shopping experience even more worth it!

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*Intro/Outro written and created by Danno


@alijah8013 says:

Thank You Danno , I went in to Big Lots Today and I over spent but it's was enjoyable and I got lots of good fines… Whoo hoo πŸŽ‰πŸ˜‚β€

@rachelkey6152 says:

Hello Dano and Jessica I really enjoyed viewing this video at BIG LOTS Thank you sharing it ❀️😊

@lavonnajones4543 says:

My parents owned their own "mom n pop" grocery store back in the '60s in Southport, IN. She always told me about the dangers of dented can goods….thank you for pointing out the dented cans at Big Lots. It's everywhere!

@laurabee8174 says:

I love Big Lots. They have an everyday military discount!

@tawnaparko3388 says:

Has anyone had a problem with freshness at Biglots? Our store in northeastern PA looks very dingy. I don't shop Biglots often but I avoid consumables. I used to get good deals on kid's socks and underwear.

@speedysmoke says:

Lol…"look at this madness"!!! I may have to pop over there tomorrow. Hope the shelves aren't empty. Thanks for going

@patticampana9458 says:

I am a bit of a tomato juice addict.πŸ˜„. It has really gone up. People yell me to drink V8, but it's not the same. If you find a sale, I'd appreciate it. Drink it every morning for breakfast. Thanks!✌️

@patticampana9458 says:

Thanks for the Big Lots video. I love it there. They have really different products. Hope Jess and you are doing well!✌️

@beckystone7994 says:

Danno I just got an alert on my phone that Tyson foods is closing 4 plants ! I thought you might want to know ! πŸ₯²

@howardklein2368 says:

Keto coffee at the 1:43 mark is cheaper at Big Lots than at Amazon.

@dforrest4503 says:

Dollar Tree is a place that normally is well stocked with band aids.

@kathleenmclaughlin589 says:

Campbell soup has purchased Raos, they'll probably ruin it!

@madelinehall8944 says:

Blessings Dude and Lady from sunny Chicago. I'm back home. I needed a feew things, so I ordered from Audi via Instantcart. They had 15 of the 20 items, I ordered. I choose refund/no replacements. There was no heavy whipping cream. I'll have to go to Jewel or Marianno's, now. Have a great week.❀❀

@user-vd8bu3sj2g says:

Wow all those interesting brand names for dog food

@debraoliver505 says:

Crystal Geyser is the ONLY bottled water we will buy! It tastes just like the spring water I used to have by my water company in the North Carolina mountains!

@user-vd8bu3sj2g says:

Wow a brand of spices and seasonings called "Fresh Finds" did that come from the Google grocery store

@beckystone7994 says:

Thsnks Danno I did get the 20% off coupon in my in Box but I deleted it because my big lots closed about a yr. Ago and I don’t see one in any area I go to , but at least I could get the 20% off if I come across a big lots before the sale ends!! God bless β€οΈπŸ™πŸ™‹πŸ»πŸŒˆπŸŒˆ

@PeterTissot-cx7qd says:

OMG, the outside of Big Lots looks really depressing.

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