Meet the "Coupon Diva" Who Saved Over $1,000 on Her Shopping! | Extreme Couponing

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Jaime is known as the “Coupon Diva” in her hometown, but will she be able to uphold this title when she does her biggest shopping yet?


M Levi says:

She's not even buying shelf stable things, she's buying perishables as well. How is your family of 5 going to go through 100 bottles of mustard before they expire? How about donate some of that food instead of compulsively hoarding

clayton joel Browning says:

I'd say without a doubt it is ocd hoarding in the sense of excessive couponing, it is hoarding to a extent, there's no way that it isn't, she's hoarding items & unwilling to part with them, it is hoarding by a medical definition, how long will it take her to get through 450 rolls of toilet paper? At least two or so years

Abigail Savage says:

I would hate to be that cashier. Also I hope to God that she donated some of that like jfc

rabiya khan sadozai says:

This cashier deserves salute ♥️

ScouseRockChick81 says:

An extreme Karen with an extreme coupon addiction. Can't think of anything worse tbh

cindy foresman says:

Who goes shopping wearing those boots. Her image???

Amy Perry says:

Ok you need a reality check

Benedict Sey says:

why not open her own grocery store?

Hayli Gale says:

Why do u need all of that tho

Hilda 2 says:

I don't know how to use coupon, in Phil's, no coupon also
I have my little channel

Joz says:

I love Extreme Couponing because it's like My Strange Addiction, Hoarders, and Extreme Cheapskates all rolled in to one.

Fundude456 says:

I can hear her say. Can i speak to the manager with that haircut

LuxBeautyx says:

I can guarantee she will save more money than she does on couponing if she just uses what she already has and stops going to the store

k irvin says:

wait I just saw her kids they look like reg kids and they are doing all the work, and she looks like a straight up B**

k irvin says:

I love stocking up, dont get me wrong, but why 120 jars of spaghetti sauce? I mean come on. 60 boxes of cereal and you keep adding to it? I dont get it.

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