Mini Coupon Trip to Dollar General! Come Shopping with me!

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Aaron Thorpe says:

Saturday is when we Take down the old add it has to be down in the afternoon and new add up by 8pm

Blue Knight says:

Thanks Lindey! Great info.

The Long Project says:

Thank for sharing the info on iBotta. I just signed up and used your code. 😉

Cayce Funderburk says:

Lindey, you are a lovely person. As soon as you catch yourself being negative, you turn it right around.

Rodguzval Kids says:

You can pay with PayPal at Dollar General

Lisa Piekos says:

Thanks for showing how to do Ibotta. I am going to sign up. Easy to do.

cryztal6 says:

Great video Lindey!


ton good deals at these dollar stores best to go 1st of month. once sold 6 dollar bookmarks for $60 cost 6 lol

Thrifty Treasures says:

You make me wanna use coupons, LOL! I signed up for iBotta using your code. Great job 🙂

Stephanie J says:

how do you like uploading photos on the ebay app from your android phone? it's stressing me out and I'm seriously considering getting an I-Phone just so I can upload all 12 pictures at once….

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