MY NEW FINDS at World of Disney Store Florida

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Order here: & use coupon code EDSmagic for a FREE GIFT!
*Disclaimer 1/1/2021 : I am not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company.


disneymo82 says:

I love 50th that luggage!!!

Jess McGlone says:

Do they still have Dalmatian ears

Kaori Sanada says:

get some earrings,and everything.!

Kaori Sanada says:

i'm subscribed to your channel,and got the little bell ready for notifications.!

Kaori Sanada says:

hi i'm new to your channel,and to your video.!i love your merch video.will you be having a giveaway soon.?

Leozack Destron says:

I am glad that I don't live in the USA otherwise I would be buying all of this stuff! being compilsive shopocholic with hoarding inclinations and a huge Disney fan it's hard to control myself.

Hazel McDonald says:

Hi. Is this at Disney springs?

DNOstalgia says:

Hey Shopaholic Disney 😁👍🏻

FlyGal 737 says:

I got the giant pumpkin on Tuesday in Disneyland and carried it home on the plane.

Kayla Kalivera says:

The jack and sally cuddlies 😱 I need them!!!

Kayla Kalivera says:

Omg the little pride loungefly backpack 🥰

Valerie Patronelli says:

Love the haunted mansion stuff especially the tank 🤩

Kristy Paul says:

Love your Disney vlogs Amy

Tiffany Baca says:

Hi Amy! 🖤💛❤ Do you do patreon for the channel?

Sassy Elle says:

Jack and Sally plush are so cute. Can't wait to see this yrs Disney Halloween merch. I hope you make another video from spirit holloween. I was just in one tonight. They have really awesome merch especially NBC and hocus pocus merch. I can't wait to start holloween shopping 🎃

Emma Kenyon says:

I just went tonight, soooo busy

Nancy Insinga says:

Thank you for doing two in one day as always enjoy shopping 🛍 with you

Erika Soberon says:

Your skin looks flawless

ally C says:

Always enjoying your videos, thank you!

V. Nikki Johnson says:

As a lifelong Disney fan who is collecting Mickey and Minnie plushes for the first time (I'm 38), I have been enjoying yours and other fans' unboxing and store videos. I see that multiple plushes are released for Halloween 🎃 and Christmas ⛄, so as a mother of 2 kids that are going back to school, I have to figure out how to get at least the Minnie Halloween cat plush, some of the other Main Attraction Mickeys (I ordered the Peter Pan's Flight and Tiki Room ones for my recent birthday and am hoping that they are delivered this weekend), and one set of the Christmas Mickey and Minnies.

DanaDupuis says:

I cant wait for your Halloween video 🎃👻

Cristie Shenold says:

Thank you Amy.

nik4077 says:

Love the haunted mansion merch

Sabrina ASL says:

That Jack and Sally tho! And Halloween is almost here!

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