My Top Cash Back Grocery Apps! (Over $2,000 Back So Far!)

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I’ve received over $2,000 in cashback from these Top Cash Back Grocery Coupon Apps! If you aren’t using them regularly, you are missing out on saving a lot of money on your weekly grocery trip. No more clipping newspaper coupons! ↓↓↓↓ CLICK SHOW MORE ↓↓↓↓ Today I’m giving a quick how-to and review of the Ibotta App and the Checkout51 App. Both are available on iPhone and Android.


If you haven’t already downloaded the Ibotta App, download it here on your phone: If it doesn’t automatically connect you to our team and asks for a referral code, enter in QHXQ to be a part of our team. That way, we can earn our Ibotta Teamwork Bonuses super fast and all earn EXTRA cash!

Download the Ibotta App here ➡➡

Download the Checkout51 App here ➡➡

🌟BONUS TIP: You CAN stack coupons, ecoupons and these cashback apps I’ve mentioned all on one item, if they are available! You’ll save even more money!

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Arijana Nexhi says:

How are they going to give you the check they don't know the address or how does it work? Cause I don't understand?!!!

King Mello says:

Powerful new e commerce platform that pays every month and free to join. Its time national brands pay you for your shopping loyalty. Powerful affliate progam with huge earnings potential. Not here to sell you a dream but hope you join and make your dreams a reality.

Chloe Bawmann says:

ddeccut is my referral code for Ibotta!!!!!

Kimberly Lambert says:

It was for Pepsi products I'm going be useing this app more often will help me save since I live paycheck to paycheck every week

Kimberly Lambert says:

I love this app I just bought two soda 24 packs today just got my 1.45 back in cash


Hi Melea how are doing today i want to ask u something I've had this app but i've never used it can i cancel it and sign up again under you let me know

Bradford Moore says:

Use my IBOTTA referral code: nwviobl at sign up & Join My $ Team I have over 100 teammates or click here to sign up: on your computer & head to your phone to post your receipts. Let’s start making money.

jean gray says:

Join her team so they can pay her $5 a person who uses her referral code 😂😂😂

sona george says:

Use my referral code 7ry5g while signing up for the Ibotta app and you can become a team member of the biggest team in Ibotta community which will help you get the biggest bonuses !!!!

Barbara Fleisch says:

Receipt hog is awesome too

Paleo Woman says:

The music is way too loud. You start speaking then the music drowns you out

G J says:

Melea, I tried to use the ref code you gave for ibotta, but I already installed the app. And when I tried again with the code, I am still a the super junior lowest status. What can I do now? Want savings.

Jennifer Sanchez says:

Use my code on IBotta when you sign up : exgkpgt

And you'll easily receive free $10 after you have used the app 2 times 👌🏼💵

KK R says:

Do I have to have data on my phone when I go to the store ?

Kitty Night says:

I have a question. can any of these cool coupon apps work in canada. I have a feeling they are only for people in US. 🙁 any ideas where there are canadian coupon apps available?

Kitty Night says:

I am just wondering but do you have to have WiFi on your phone in order to use both of those apps?

Monika PL says:

My fave one is IBOTTA. Great app.
Use my referral code, jtubtnh, and you can get a $10 welcome bonus. Sign up at

lamiya graham says:

That's a nice idea

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