Naruto Online : I Got Edo Minato For 600 Coupons :'D

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John Arron B. Guarino says:

Wow sana all 😂😂😂

Audry Gray says:

can you get this event at lv 25

Squrdzx says:

600 woah i did 200 for madara 10 tail mode cool

Keqq. says:

I'm scared to it is madara six path…i have 900 coupon , i'm scared that i just wasted it…should i try ?

Gata la mala 😁 says:

Que debil yo soy nivel 57 y tengo 51k de poder

Claire Clint Paul Nava says:

I have a birth mark on my butt.

Jwitdabeatsplays says:

How is everyone getting lucky???

HC Weinberger says:

so lucky i speant 18k on him

Veljko Milosavljevic says:

nice. I spent 10k to buy him. But didnt get the bait ninja from lucky stars 🙁

JDzinn says:

cagão = shit OMG is much luck! I wanted to be lucky like that ;(

SirNunyaBuiz says:

That's literally 8/10 of the times the case with f2p or alts, they get the sickest ninjas for nothing, but ppl be throwing 40k in that wheel and get shit.

Gabriel Smith says:

got him in under 200

HayatoRPG says:

I had to get him for shuriken 3 months ago lol

Jessica Perry says:

love your videos sever s6

CrUG4MiNg says:

i wasted over 30k nothing lol atleast i got asura naruto lol

danger r-02 says:

I lost 1248 for ot and got nothin imaginy suffiring

Bubble says:

Grats man glad to see somebody else getting him. Even though i have spent upwards of 1.8 k and still DONT HAVE HIM.

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