New ECB Policy at my CVS Store | 10/9/2016

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Maria De La Cruz says:

CVS is becoming so difficult!

Nicole Booker says:

Thanks for the heads up Toni…it's good to know….You are a busy lady where do you find time in your day to do everything?? ….do you have a coupon to get FREE HOURS in the day?! and where can I get one…LOL…Cause you be hustlin girl. I like that in you 🙂

Shonte Hall says:

So how does this work if your ECB's are on your card? I have mine sent to my card and they usually ask me at the end which ones I want to use.

gladis gacia says:

I always do it like that so, it's not a problem to me .

thomasina goss says:

Is it still better to break down your order into separate transaction with the New policy

Marisol Valle says:

cvs just trying yo make it hard cause they dont even wanna givr the coupons we have insife our card

couponing is my life with Mely says:

I started doing that a couple of months ago because my calculations were sometimes off. And I also have the tax calculator so once I have my total figured out I then put that amount and know exactly what I'm going to pay oop.

Stacie Disotell says:

Once again today the same thing happens where I did the canned Coke deal and the shaving cream today and gave them my ECBs that I wanted to use and once again there was one that didn't get scanned and I didn't catch it till I got out to the car and went back and showed the cashier and she gave it back to me.. I would tell others to watch out for this if you are giving them all at once.. I think I will start doing several separate transactions through the week if it means less confusion.

Lucy Smith says:

Hi have a question. I am new to couponing. lets say your total from CVSis $5 and you have a $6 ECB do you get the difference back the $1 back after you pay?

Mistie Just Living The Dream says:

My cashier was nice when I went Monday. I didn't know about the new change and she totaled me out and I said I had a $10 ecb. She told me she would just make me pay $10 less and took the ecb

Cantstopsaving says:

Talk to Hannah about giving all mq then seeing what the subtotal is then you can subtract in your head real quick how much the CRT's will be and then you know how many Ecb to give, as long as she doesn't scan the cvs coupons or push the button saying all coupons are scanned, it won't cause a void. If the voids are the issues this should solve the problem. I calculate I. Store and do it this way to make sure my math is right.

Robin Perdue says:

In reading some more comments I realize that the thing about this is that even though the ECB are kinda marketed as "cash" or like a "gift card" on the bottom of your receipt, when you use them they show up on your receipt as a coupon discount. So if the register isn't taking coupons after it's all totaled then it makes sense. It's still dumb though.

Griselda Morales says:

disculpa será que me lo puedes traducir en español porfavor .

Robin Perdue says:

If this is the case I'd rather just use only 15.00 of the ECB ( the 10 and the 5) and pay the difference of 2.00 OOP than to buy something thats overpriced or that I don't have a coupon for. Then i'd still have that other 4 dollar ECB for another transaction where i can use it for something on a better deal.

Sandra Barrioz says:

Thanks for sharing love watching your videos thanks so much I appreciate

it'sBrittini says:

I've always done this. Didn't know about the change but since I'm still kinda a newbie I don't like to go into stores without a plan. But this is good to know 🙂

Pure Essence Beauty 215 says:

A Cashier and Manager told Me the same thing at CVS and I was pissed because my percentage off CRT coupons took away from my subtotal and I had to spend more OOP just to get a ECB.. The new policy Sucks! 😩

Chelsea Lynne says:

So if you give them everything and end up with a $2.40 balance but you have a $2 ecb you can't use it?

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