New Interactive Disney Store

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Amber Sells says:

Anyone curious if that is the famous AJ filming? All I’ve seen of her are her beautifully manicured hands.

Lucy Gibson says:

Where is this located in Orlando? Aloe looks cool

Fresia Tomas says:

Omg I’m going to Disney soon

Michael Manchur says:

So… Florida can have this new Disney Store, on top of having the Outlets and World of Disney, as well as the 4 giant stores that are the parks, but I can’t have any Disney Stores in Canada to get their exclusive merch? Make this make sense

Sheri Wadsworth says:

We need a store here in the Chicago land area ! Closed all of ours 🫤

Lauren Reid [Staff] says:

take them all away from canada but make one near disney

????????? says:

Looks so cool!

Ninth Shinigami says:

Love how they put this close to Universal lol Disney knew what they were doing

Kenton Morrison says:

Sure, Take away all the Disney Stores in Washington State, but open one in Orlando, where they have Disney World.

CLC1000 says:

Looks epic. 👍

Robert G says:

Looks small

Ellie says:

I love the ceiling light fixtures that create hidden mickeys depending on where you are standing!

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