NordVPN Coupon Code 2022- Best Coupon, Discount, Promo Code & Deal!

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NordVPN Coupon Code 2022 Use this NordVPN coupon & discount deal code below
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πŸ’₯EXCLUSIVE SPECIAL DISCOUNT + 30 Day Money Back GuaranteeπŸ’₯
β–Ί NordVPN Review (In-depth) ➜

NordVPN Coupon Code 2022! Use this NordVPN coupon & discount deal code below

How’s it going, everybody? Welcome back. And today I’m going to be showing you guys the latest deal available for Nord VPN. And I’m also going to be briefly talking about the features of Nord VPN and why you might want to get Nord in the first place. So feel free to take a look at the timestamps. And of course, if you’d like to get straight to the links, and the pricing discounts, you’ll find everything you need in the description area below. I’ll also link a full review down there if you’d like to learn more about Nord VPN. Okay, so let’s look at why Nord is great in the first place. They have a transparent privacy policy, and they promise not to collect any logs. And these claims have been proved in the third party independent audit reports that have been conducted. And if that’s not enough, even when a server had been compromised in Finland back in 2018, no user credentials were exposed since nor do not keep any records. And immediately after that incident, Nord a terminated their contract with the company keeping the server and invited a verse bright to run a prompt audit in order to spot any potential weaknesses in the server infrastructure, and that they quickly fixed any issues. And since then, nothing of the sort has happened again, they’ve also been conducting regular independent audits to make sure they stay on top of everything. Nord VPN is also headquartered in Panama, which is outside of the five, nine and 14 is jurisdiction. Now for speed Nord VPN is one of if not arguably the fastest VPN in the business, the true wire guard protocol and Nord links and makes for negligible drops in performance at keeping your connection speed as close to your base speed as possible. And this speed will certainly come in handy when streaming and torrenting, which is also not a problem for Nord, since you’re able to unblock a wide range of some of the most popular streaming services. If you happen to have any issues unblocking a specific Netflix library. That’s because Netflix constantly blocks VPN traffic, so all you need to do is either test out a few more servers or just ask their live chat support for the best service to use to unblock your desired Netflix library. You will also be able to freely torrent without any restrictions since Nord fully supports p2p activity. Nord even has speciality p2p servers. And if you’re a gamer, in case you’re wondering, and Nord VPN also manages to keep your ping as low as it can be with an active VPN for a smooth gaming experience. As for security features and Nord is well equipped, you get an ad blocker for types of speciality servers or conventional kill switch, which will disconnect your internet if your VPN disconnects, and you’ll also get an app kill switch which would disconnect selected apps rather than cutting the entire connection. split tunneling is another typical feature that should be present in any premium VPN, which will allow users to choose which apps are routed through the VPN tunnel and which are exempt from it. And an advanced setting a customer DNS will allow for an easy way to change your DNS. And finally, you’ve got obfuscated servers, which will help those living in censorship heavy countries stay as anonymous as they can be. And it is natively compatible with most devices including streaming sticks and routers. And of course, if you ever have any doubts, they cover all of their plans with a 30 day money back guarantee, which you can claim through their 24/7 live chat support. And again, if you’d like to learn more about Nord VPN, be sure to check out the full review in the description below. And of course, you’ll find the link to the coupon code mentioned at the beginning of this video, so feel free to take advantage of that whilst it lasts. Comment below if you have any questions and I’ll be happy to answer all of them. Like and Subscribe if you’d like to support the channel or just stay up to date with the latest VPNs

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πŸ‘‰ Get NordVPN ➜

πŸ’₯EXCLUSIVE SPECIAL DISCOUNT + 30 Day Money Back GuaranteeπŸ’₯

β–Ί NordVPN Review (In-depth) ➜

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