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Not expired code:TweetROBLOX
Expired code:yree

The expired code gives you a fedora,but too bad its expired 🙁


Jayden says:

I subbed 😀 pls pin and love my comment i would appreciate it 😀

Michaelhanplaysroblox ! says:

how can he type that fast

kidGamer play on says:

The typing is so addicting

Lucy Ventura says:

it worked yay thnks

TV 까불이 says:

it was real! thanks! XDㅣI subbed… (username: bansong1)

IliasProGamesNL says:

wow he can type fast

anyla mckellar says:

it dont work

BlueAcidYT says:

It sounded like you just grabbed your and and swung it across your keyboard.

[Soon To Be ] Exchange Student X.3 says:

You are the fastest typer ever xD 🙂

little lovestory says:

love mine pls

Laura Ukimeri says:

wow nice 😀

Hello_ Sunshine says:

Omg it worked awesome video!!!!

DaVeko says:

That Music Is Fast As Crap

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