PetSmart BOGO Cheap Dog Food!! 9/2/17

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🌙Dog food is Bogo:Buy one get one free🌙
Not buy one get one half off sorry for confusing y’all
Prolan Dog food: $12.99×2
Beneful dog food:$6.99×2
Coupons used
$39.96 minus
(2) $5 off prolan dog food from
(2) $3 off one beneful dog food from or insert
Minus $12.99 a bag of prolan because it’s Bogo
Minus $6.99 a bag of beneful grain free cause it’s bogo
Brings total to: $3.98 plus tax for all 4 bags!!

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mary lane says:

I actually found a better deal with Dollar General with the Beneful, their is a $3 printable coupon for the grain free and it cost 5.75. When you include the dollar general $3 survey coupon you only pay $1.75 per bag. PetSmart wouldn't let me use 2 coupons.

Alina&Ariana says:

How do you print two coupons if it says you can only use one on the coupon?

Susan Abushaban says:

Hi are you doing a breakdown for $5 off $25 this week thank you

Megan Olivia says:

You can use a coupon on a free item at PetSmart?

April Batty says:

Is it buy one get one half off or buy one get one free on the pro plan?

Deanns Land says:

The math is not right

Crystal Rojo says:

Thanks! Heading there today thanks agian!

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