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Sometimes Pizza Hut hits the spot just right, but why spend a fortune on the brand? By using coupons, you can save tons of money when purchasing all of your favorite items.

The company identifies itself as America’s first national pizza chain. Pizza Hut enables you to order by phone, over the Internet, or by simply texting your order. The restaurant offers a number of pizzas and sides, including pasta, wings, and desserts.

To get Pizza Hut coupons and deals, visit their official website and click on the link marked ‘Sign Up’ located towards the bottom right-hand side of the page. It’s free to register, and a number of coupons and other promotional information will be delivered directly to your email address.

If you like to search a little more, you can always find great offers on the homepage under the tab marked ‘Deals’. Past coupons found have offered two pastas and breadsticks for $10 or a big dipper pizza for $12.

You can also find available coupons by placing your order online. These coupons are instantly applied to your order and as such, there is generally no need to print them.

Pizza Hut coupons can also be found in mailings or in the Sunday newspaper. The brand continues to offer printed coupons in the form of coupon fliers and circulars as well.

Finally, Pizza Hut can be followed on popular social media sites, including both Facebook and Twitter. By doing so, you’ll find info on promotions and new coupons.

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