Prajakta Koli & Rohit Saraf Cold Coffee Scene | Mismatched | Netflix India

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Brb, making “hello future wife” our new ringtone. 🥰

First day of college, making new friends and erm… spilling some beans. Watch as Dimple and Rishi meet for the first time and find out what happens next in Mismatched, streaming now only on Netflix.

Until then, don’t miss out on their non-date:

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V S Saishravan says:

The structure of the scene is like the crew tried to take this like some western teen series like sex education but ended up being bit artificial and creepy…..I think the writers should have written it so that it should accustom to our country's surroundings..rather than shaping it like a western teen series…..!!!!!just my little suggestion….I didn't watch the series but I did feel like this for this scene

Aliza Akhter says:

I didn't laught until when that guy said – what the fu*k did u do? 😂😂

Komal kumari says:

I see this web series only for Rohit❤️

Diksha Parihar says:

This scene is hilarious 🤣

Lazy Lad says:

Y'all obsessed with 'Hello, future wife! ' ?
Am here for 'Indian chicks have got no chill man'

seena puthur says:

Simrin and anmol bro are so cute

Ambitious says:

Hi it's dimple

Manya Gupta says:

Season 2 pls come.

Aradhya Agrawal says:

I will do the same if I was in place of praju even

Lihini lemon says:

i love this sceneeeeee

Bidhya Giri says:

Both Prajakta and Rohit deserves hype✌

Rocking Bhumi says:

Ek BAAT glt koi bhi glt BAAT pe..humesha Delhi walon ko kyu badnam krte Hain sab..
Sab ek Jaise thodi na hote Hain😂😂😂😂

Rincy Rense says:

"Indians chicks have got no chill , man"
Well I agree🙃🙆

Amit Yadav says:

For just asking out someone from outta nowhere you gotta be Rohit Saraf coz that cuteness is getting a lot of sympathy bruh😂😂

Snehil raj says:

Prajakta op🤣🤣

pratixa ghimire says:

Rohit saraf has officially replaced kartik aryan as national crush of india ❤️

Apurva Raskar says:

*Hi Future wife*❤️Best proposal ever😆……again here😎🎉

Rubina Shaheen says:

Everyone hates anmol but nobody noticed, he was smiling until she said sorry for his disability

Dipak says:

Prajakta also deserves appreciation……

nishtha tripathi says:

Seriously dude!!!!! This guy did not deserve a cold coffee splash for cutely saying ' Hello future wife ' 😪❤
Rohit Saraf ❤😍😘

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