Principal Coupon Book

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Great gift idea for principals to give their staff.


Traci Francisco says:

I'd pay good money for a "Roll on out tha bed" coupon!

4Him Forever says:

This cracks me up!!!!!!

PrelaunchAce352 says:

I know this guy I used to go to this school

Ruby Yakalavich says:


Fantazmo says:

I am glad he is my principal

KYKid05 says:

I'm glad he used to be my principal

Brayden Rice says:

hello i am a studen brayden. rice

Halliebear Fraighttraighn says:

I think the teachers would be scared to use these lol

Simply Random :P says:

Your kid Christopher is my cousin! HE IS AMAZING! 😂

Tamyra Miller says:

You are awesome! You crack me up😛

Julie Boone says:


Mitzie Bush says:

I shared this with my principal. So so funny. Keep them coming. This teacher of 37 years (me) needs it.

TheIndiana70 says:

I LOVE your surgestions!!

Rebecca Calhoun says:

Will you come be our principal?

Devyn Dempster says:

ha it gabby and devyn we said ha

Lynduh47 says:

You're the best!

Louis Kehr says:

savage, new favorite youtuber, lol

Shawn 2025 says:

You could counter a switcharoni with another switcharoni coupon

Sunshine Jennifer Cook says:

he is hilarious but may need some oxygen lol

Connie Hamilton says:

Anybody made this coupon book and willing do share? Tweet to @conniehamilton, please.

Edward Moore says:


Sandra Manning says:

Dude you are too smart

Heather Angus says:

Lex prim 100th day of school

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