Print NOW! CVS IP will make St Ives deal a MM starting 5/21!

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Print now! Thank you to j3nnie99 for the heads up on the IP!
-thank you for watching! Happy Couponing!
***** email/paypal:
*****address: Daisy V. PO BOX 1515 National City, CA 91950
*****instagram: @couponingwithdaisy
*****facebook group: Couponing With Daisy
*****don’t have ibotta? download the app and use my referral code “tfidltv” for a $10 bonus when you redeem your first rebate.
*****need clipped coupons? go to and use my code “daisy15” for 15% off your entire order!


table of two channel says:

it only says thank you for taking the quiz and dosn't show where to click on get the coupon :/

Nora Sarama says:

Thanks 😊

Samantha Jensen says:

Is there another way to get the St Ives mf coupons? I think they may be regional.

Violeta Rosario says:

im new to all of this, so this might seem like a silly question but where do i get the manufacture coupon, i tried to google it but didnt show up

Leah Marie says:

is it still a good deal if you only have 1 of the 1.50 coupon?

Becky Aguilar says:

Mine didn't print 🙁 and not it's saying I exceeded the print

Ana v says:

Yay!! Thumbs up!! TFS

Tosha Dia says:

Don't see it I typed in Crest in the search engine and it just pulled up products

Melisa Roman says:

hor much is it for?

Yaneese1 Lucy says:

Thanks! I even shouted you out on Facebook on one of my comments for everyone to come and check out your video!

Christina LPN -Soon to be- says:

Hi, if I order from the website you gave us with priority mail do you think I'll get them by Saturday?

j3nnie99 says:

thank you for the recognition, I awww… Ijust saw online on a coupon site that someone had already found this coupon the week of 4/30/17. even though I wasnt the 1st one…I feel proud that I found it on my own and was able to pass that information on to someone else.😄

Om Ali says:

Thanx!!! just printed mine😘

liveisfun25 says:

You are a life saver! 😉

Clara Torres says:

Thanks so much for this heads up! Sorry, I'm kind of confused…. You should be able to stack these coupons and use 2 of each for a total of 4 qps on the first transaction correct?

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