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YEGA5 says:

Ty, I found this video today and is not longer available. but Ty anyway. I was getting crazy looking for that one..

Susan Abushaban says:

The coupon is no longer available. Was only able to print off one yesterday afternoon had to run out tried doing it in the evening on 3 different devices and it's just not there anymore. But it's ok shoprite has it pretty cheap on sale $1.99 and there is an ecoupon out along with my coupon one will be free. The others will be only .50

Thanks for posting

Senya Gwynn says:

Thank you Misti!!!💜💜💜

Robin Whitmarsh says:

Thank you so very much

Vernice Dennison says:

Thank you very much! I looked for it earlier and could not find it thank you

Keinia Blakeley says:

Thanks mommas!!!! I just got mine….

8mossgirl says:

Thanks for the help!

phae mora says:

Thank you for sharing

Maritza Hernandez says:

do you know if i can print from my ipad?

Maritza Hernandez says:

Yes! im happy i saw ur video it was so helpful i have not seen any one share a video at least not the youtubers im subscribed to

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