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lov4couponz says:

I have a question!
The banana boat coupons are only for rite aid??

eya2121 says:

Thank you! Can you recommend a printer with a cheap refill cartridge? I have newspaper coupons but these days seems the ips are the best value coupons.

Margarita Ortiz says:

Try it's a website where you can earn money to print and redeem coupons.

Margarita Ortiz says:

Thank you!! Love your videos πŸ™‚

dgwear69 says:

any recommendations on printers with the best deals on the ink? Unfortunately i have like 3 printers and never pay for the ink refills because they price gouge.

jetlichopsprices says:

Thank you! I moved and I don't get coupons in the mail anymore.

AKATheMrs says:

Awesome info–thanks Michelle!! I need tho get back to couponing–I miss it! Printables make it easy for be to get back in the game πŸ™‚ tfs!!

Liz King says:

Ty Michelle. High value banana boat qs. Will have to check out that site.

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