Printable Coupons You May Need For Money Maker Deals. Some High Dollar Ones Too

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Printable coupons you may need for money maker deals. Some high dollar ones too. You can find them on my website. and the link to the printable coupon page is

for more free stuff check out

If you need help please ask. I will do my best to help you.


androidbakery says:

New York.
God bless.

Pamela Littleton says:

Birmingham, Alabama

livingpoor says:

my mom and one of my sisters was born in texas.

livingpoor says:

how is the couponing up there?

toocutebowsandmore says:

That's me in Canada (Ontario, Toronto)

damarismontanez says:

Everything is Big in Tejas lol

Nahi Curiel says:

hey girl I live in washington too.. I can help you too I need a coupon friend lol just let me know..!!!

2rawfun says:


SavingwithStephanie says:

south carolina

livingpoor says:

make sure you go to my youtube home channel and check out my how to videos. when you watch the playlist it will just go from one video to the next. there is 4 or 5 videos in the play list for the how to coupon. let me know if you need more help. i will do my best to help you.

RiverShine2143 says:

I live in Washington, and literally just starting up couponing this week, so I've been watching through some channels and came across yours. 😉

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