Publix Couponing using Competitor Coupons!

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Pretty simple haul tonight! Happy Hauls Y’all! Please feel free to ask any questions for any breakdowns or questions about which free rebate apps I use. Links are below↓ for the rebate apps mentioned. Live Life Full, Love each other!

Rebate Apps:
~Ibotta: Check out Ibotta to get cash back! Use my referral code, fohnnor, and you can earn an extra $10. Sign up at

~MobiSave: Start saving today with MobiSave-the app that lets you shop anywhere!

~Shopmium: Fancy a Lindt chocolate bar for FREE? Download Shopmium for iPhone or Android ( and use my referral code during sign up: KEUGGGEK

~bevRAGE: Get cash back with the bevRAGE app when you buy beer, wine and liquor. Sign up using my referral code: JGRQPEMT.

Fetch Rewards: Use code FA5HU to get 1,500=$1.50 after first submitted receipt! Super Simple to use!

~Saving Star 🌟

~Checkout 51🛒

~Hopster Rebates( not to be confused with the regular hopster app)

~Snap (by Groupon)

~Cartwheel: I use Cartwheel to choose my own Target sale from over 500 deals, all in an easy app. Check it out! Also don’t forget reusable bags earn you $ off your purchase just remind cashier.

~Publix App: For Digital Manufacturer Coupons

~Whole Foods App: Download and then open and scan barcode at checkout at the register to get any coupons available automatically applied. Hassle Free and no clipping required! Easiest way to coupon ever! Plus don’t forget reusable bags earn you $ off your purchase or you can donate to their cause instead!

~SavingsCatcher(Walmart): Scan Receipt Barcode or QR Code the thing that looks like a square barcode and any competitors with lower price it will reimburse you the difference.

~CVS and Walgreens Apps: Dowland for digital manufacturer and store coupons

Online Shop At All!? Then use my Referral link to save an additional 5% for both of us on top of this being a free service called Paribus that searches 27/4 for you for the best deals and refunds and you don’t have to do anything! Say what! This is the best especially keen for those who don’t want to bother couponing at all honestly it’ll still find you savings guaranteed! Click here→

Extra Couponer Feeds/Savings I follow for extra tips highlights deals and weekly deal breakdowns: ←(have an app also)
~On FB Groups search Couponing at Publix and Couponing at CVS are my favs (hosted by the Couponing Couple)

Coupon Lingo:
MQ= Manufacturer Coupon
PQ= Publix Coupon
TQ= Target Coupon
DQ= Digital Coupon (Manufacturer mostly)
WDQ=Winn Dixie Coupon
IP= Internet Printable via computer or device usually manufacturer but sometimes store
Hang Tag = Manufacturer Coupon majority of the time found on product itself and sometimes can be a rebate to mail in with your info to receive a check for free item …varies
Peelie= Sticker like Manufacturer Coupon found on actual product itself
Blinkie= Manufacturer Coupon that’s by the product that dispenses out of small red machine with blinking light
Tearpads= Majority of the time are manufacturer or sometimes store coupons found throughout the stores in a tearpads form similar to Post It Notes style
Catalinas= Manufacturer or store coupons that print out with store receipts at register

Places to get coupons:
Sunday Paper Ads
Ask Friends and Family
In the mail
Sign Up for Baby Club and Pet Club at certain stores that have like Publix and Winn Dixie etc.

*Any manufacturer brands websites typically will have coupons or special offers or email and ask them for coupons or brag how much you love their products they’ll send you some for it!


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