Quick tip when cutting your coupons!

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Hello Everyone!

I got a new handheld camera so be on the look out for new videos! I just did a quick video today to show you how I cut my coupons & figured I would share so that maybe it will help you save some time!

Be sure to enter the contest in the video below also!

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AnnKoou says:

I'm new to coupon. I wonder how do you get those item for free? How many coupons can you use per item? If you buy 10 items that are the same, can you use 10 coupons with those item?

MsStanleycat says:

Also count how many and write the number tiny on the corner of the top coupon so you don't have to recount them later.

Cecilia Charon says:

Thank u Sokol much 4sharing. U r such a good person 4sharing all u tips xoxo

Jossimary Gutierrez says:

I'm just starting to clip coupons, without any prior advised i just did the same process as you were advising but without staple theme together. I just cut the pages by the middle and keep theme together inside of a big zip lock bag and sort them by the name of the insert and the date of the newspaper. I think i did good.

kkimberly2004 says:

I really like stapling them! That's a great idea!

jsrcamp says:

I cut mine together but just started to staple them at the coupons, It makes for an eiser time to put them in my binder if I dont get to it when I am cutting them( I have a job and am also a full time mommy of 2 ages 5years and 16 months) so it is hard for me to get to it right away, I also take how many envolopes that I have catergories and put the catergories on the enveloups and put the Qs in them after they are cut so it doesnt take as long later=)

MsRolley says:

thats exactly how i do mine, thanks

Pinky Mayfield says:

omg!! thank you sooo much i have been cutting them out separately!! i knew there had to be a better way!

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