Racist rant at Sears, New Brunswick, New Jersey [All money from Video Views donated to Charity!]

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Racist woman at Sears harassing Latino family and South Asian cashier in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Not taped: she questioned if they had green cards afterwards.

This video is monetized and all proceeds will go to the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) which seeks to advocate for immigrants and civil rights for all in the United States. Please watch and share so that the money can be donated to charity!


Racist woman today at Sears harassing latino family and cashiers. She also questioned if they had green cards…

Posted by Simoni LoVano Scirocco on Sunday, June 4, 2017

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Na La says:

But y’all do the same thing at kohl’s

McArthur says:

Lmaoo deadass right down the street from me

Latios 2008 says:

Feed her she's clearly suffering from starvation😫😓😨😰😱🤢🤮🤢🤮 it's tough to find food up north during the winter months 😆😆😆😆😆

Yuber70 says:

she was born brainless

Ronald McFondle says:

Why would anyone be shopping at Sears in the first place? Horrible place to shop.

coy kehoe says:

sears makes my nuts itch too

Todd Miller says:

Woman: Ship 'em all back where they came from!
Me: By the way, what's your name?
Woman: Rosalina Andretti, why?
Me: Then let's start by shipping your ass back to Italy!
Woman: You talk any more shit like that and I'll send my brothers Rocco and Guido to hunt your ass down!

robert veloz says:

this country was founded by IMERGRENTS what's wrong WHITH AMERICANS REALY go back to school INDIANS and Spaniard were here first

robert veloz says:

FUCK U wait like every body ELS this must be a TRUMP SUPPORTER Lord help the HUMEN RACE SAD to see so much HATE IN MY COUNTRY FUCK TRUMP

Dmg Control says:

America: somebody says something insulting to you nah.. Just let the person go..its just crazy..let her say more. Other country: somebody says something insulting to you..beats the hell out of that person.

Amanda Cooper says:

lmao why is it always sears

ChocolateQueen says:

These people are the most rude and obnoxious people in the world. Ol bad built ass.

George Correa says:

Racists are scumbags and pure trash. Ignoramuses of the highest order. Above all most are scientifically illiterate and delusional fools otherwise they would know better not to denigrate others simply because of their genetic traits and physical characteristics. How dumb can you be 😂.

Karen Terrell says:


Foxy Vonblack says:

What the fuck is wrong with you lady they just people trying to get their orders in and trying to get out of the store

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