Redeeming Codes on PS5 Consoles

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Learn how to redeem 12-digit codes on a PS5 console for downloadable games, game add-ons, service subscriptions, and funds for your account wallet. You’ll also see how to redeem these codes on the web and in the PlayStation®App.

Sign in to your account and redeem codes on the web here:

Check here for detailed instructions on redeeming codes:

Check here for tips if you’re having problems redeeming a voucher code:


PastorPeewee51 says:

I just bought the ps 5 and they said there was a game already in it but how do I find it?

Ravi Vansia says:

Can you gameshare a game voucher ? ..for instance..I redeem a fifa 23 game voucher..after its installed..can my friend gameshare that particular game?

ExxtraCITY says:

Thank you I bought the ps5 with god of war ragnarok and didn’t know to redeem the code and this video helped me alot

Allen Macias says:

Code won't redeem

Joseph Bennett says:

I finally got one 🎉

'Arif Hafizan says:

just wanted to ask, is it possible to redeem dlc ps4 games with ps5 console?

Snehit Kamat says:

Question. Say if i bought a code for a game in Australia. Can i redeem it on my Ps5 whose online store is US?

pacsoul Pavon says:

Wow a year with my ps5 , I just got god of war ragnarok and it’s such a beauty

Jaxx says:

i have a ps5 code for mw2 2022 if i use the code will my ps4 disc be disabled cuz i have a friend who wants it and he has a ps5

Mookyyzed says:

And, of course it didn't work.

Reginald Haynes says:

I accidentally hit continue instead of download!!! Please help

nathan thomson says:

Where do you download it from after redeeming it on the ps app

Jtmissile8730 says:

What happens if you select continue instead of download?

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