ReTales: Flyer Thief

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Who u think u is?
Please watch till the end for an announcement/reminder.

Frightened child:
Natsumiii –

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shaun the ghost says:

2:45 9 chins

Eric P says:

I would’ve went off on that bitch, like who the fuck just takes stuff out of other ppl carts.

Sam Gryffindor says:

I died at:
"Who, me?"
"yes, you"
"couldn't be…"
"F*** YOU!"

Fairoz Qasim says:

people are fucking weird

Mi5a Nehro says:

zoro needs to see this bitch she can use 9 chin style

Usernames today suck says:

This Blunt Cunt

Yellow Bleach says:

2:25 ahahahahahhahahahhah im dying

Coocoocachoo Billcosby says:

Dom + black hoodie = actually kinda nice, nicer than usual

Maia Kohanim says:

that lady is such a B** !

-Wolffie - says:

Not trying to be all couselor-y, but maybe it was a whole different story from her perspective.

nejire says:

“This blunt cunt” help I’m laughing too hard

PandaTrueno says:

Dumb bitches be carazayyyyyyy.

Charged Electronic Concepts says:

THIS BITCH stupid.

not a werewolf says:

who, me?
yes, you.
couldn't be!

Your Local Flop says:

who stole the flyers from domics's cart
that bitch stole the flyers from domics's cart
"Who, me?"
"Yes, you."
"fuck you."

Daniela Garcia says:

Omg I’m crying 😂😂😂😂😂😂💀

Silver sparkle says:

What a b*tch

No Regrets says:

Link to music pls?

amber child's says:

and i’d probably beat her arse for taking my shit if she grunted at me like that like i just said excuse me there mine

Stekiz says:

What a cunt

Am3ricanSniper says:

Could it be? F*ck you

Nicolas Brouwer says:

frisbees it like a crippeld ninja -domics 2017 XD

Ayan Judge says:

Who me

Yes you

Could it be

@#*$ you!

All Praise Lord Sparky says:

2:19 XD

Angel Scrub says:

No offence Dom but who texts horizontally? 😂😂

Lily Phạm says:

This is why I use electronic coupons.

CFakhriC ROBLOX says:

RIP dat women
cuz domics upload dis video

RiceBublegum says:

I hate this ass like u should've slapped her family

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