Rotating Can Food Storage System FIFO

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The Kilted Piper says:

You do realize that the dates on the cans are not expiration dates, correct? The food does not go bad if it goes past that date. I have canned foods that are 10 and 15 years past their "best by" dates, they are all still good. As long as the seal is intact and the can is not damaged or bulging, most food is good for many years.

Lorenzo A. Fernandez Jr. says:

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atef mohamed says:

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Gloria Lynn Jackson says:

FYI: This system has a flaw rotating in the the second row of the 3 rows . The company seemed to remedy that issue by making a system they call FiFO Mini Can tracker. it doesnt hold as much as the original FIFO tracker but the ALL the cans rotate First in first out. Check other you tube videos where the systems are compared to the Cansolidator 2 row system to the FIFO system or go on amazon to check the 2 FiFO systems this might make things clearer

ima bemedou says:

Why not show how it works?

Angela Mansell says:

fifo food storage dot com. i can't type links for some odd reason

Thamina Lima says:

where did you buy it from?

Angela Mansell says:

When you first load the cans you have to load from the 3rd row until the first row is filled up. Then you load from the 2nd row until the 2nd row is filled up. Then finally you finish loading from the 3rd row until the third row is filled up. I know, it's very strange!

Ashley Green says:

can you tell me the trick to getting the second row to rotate down first before the top row. I am afraid it is quite an annoying design flaw for me

Angela Mansell says:

For some reason I can't post the link but it was fifo food storage dot com. I don't know why it won't let me type the link.

5339f says:

Angie, thanks for the update. So do tell! Where did you get those lovely FIFO units?

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