Ruby Tuesday Fayetteville GA Restaurant Rude Manager Over A Coupon

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Ruby Tuesday Fayetteville GA Restaurant Rude Manager Over A Coupon

So I take my Mom to the Ruby Tuesday at 1405 GA 85 Fayetteville GA because we both like the salad bar and it was too late to make reservations at Franks At The Old Mill. Mom insists I run off a coupon before we go there. So I do.

I told the waitress we had the coupon. Now I was prepared to pay the entire bill without it. At any rate when it was time to pay the bill, I told one of the waitresses that we had a coupon and she said “Well, you can just walk up to the bar and give it to her.” I said “Well can’t you just take it up there for me because that is bad service.” So she did.

Then this guy, who I guess is the manager at this night of October 24th at 9:14 pm, comes over and says that the coupon was already used. I had just ran the coupon off and the date and time was stamped at the top. I didn’t insist on using it but I don’t like being accused of trying to get away with something. That was wrong.

So rather than understand my position the man kept saying the coupon wasn’t good. So I figured he was not going to honor it and explained that since the video search for his establishment contained all of my vlogs, I was going to make a video reporting the problem. So he says “You are threatening me” and I said no I am just telling the truth. This guy is a bad manager.

Worse off when my Mom tries to explain the matter he told her that he was going to help me but then I started talking about my video – he had no intention of helping me at all. And made no effort to be nice to me at all. None. And then when Mom was telling me to shut up and because I was explaining that the coupon had a date stamp – that manager said “Yeah, he should not say anything.” That was wrong. And I said so.

Ruby Tuesday has never once had a manager like that in Fayetteville GA in all of the years I have visited. He acted more like a bouncer in a nightclub than s restaurant manager. – vlog produced by Zennie Abraham Zennie62 Blog – youtube video
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TruMiamiHeatFan says:

Simple minded entitled mentality. You used the coupon, now you want to work one over

sadtbh2 says:

hey man dont be rude customer please

Genesis Bethea says:

I used to work for Ruby Tuesday. If a coupon code has already been used, there is nothing we can do. It will not go through.Simple as that. Also, servers get red flagged for stuff like that which could cause us to be fired.

djmcheme says:

I love ruby Tuesday my friend please don't speak of them poorly

Samm Varnish says:

You tell that little shit at the Ruby Tuesday to fuck off. Good thing he ain't a cop either. Hate people like that.

PYRO TV says:

how's it going man, how have you been do you remember me , I met you at youtube, ur speaking the absolute truth though

DynaCatlovesme says:

I've never not had problems at Ruby Tuesday. Never going back. You want rude? Ask for Worcestershire sauce!

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