Save Big Money at Ulta! Deals and Using Coupons

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Hello everyone,

Let’s discuss what’s going on at Ulta this week!


Xoxo… Mary

Coupon for Neutrogena:

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Erin walters says:

Our tj max just shut down ๐Ÿ™

jupiter brees says:

can you explain something? I have noticed a lot of YouTube videos of people dumpster diving at ulta. they actually get a lot of stuff and in there original packages. my question is why would ulta throw away good makeup? why would the store throw money away, instead of selling it to another store like tj maxx or as final clearance?

Savy coupon saver says:

Mary rite aid Black Friday preview came out check it out!!!

Miss T says:

just got the urban decay shadow box!

Running Kimono says:

Any beauty deals are great, great, great ๐Ÿ™‚ Love this video <3

Aanshi says:

Is the urban decay palette limited edition? And when does that deal expire ? TIA

Olga A says:

I've tried bare minerals and had the same reaction… Thanks for sharing

Love Boston says:

I really love how this channel keeps growing and moving in all sorts of directions. I love makeup/hair!
If I also may add-people should get on Ulta's mailing list and always check that flyer. Many times when a brand launches something new they give free sameness with no purchase. I got Benefits brow, Tony Moly's mask, perfume vials and Murad to name a few. And since Ulta doesn't work on commission, there was no pressure to buy.
Thanks Mary!

bejeweledbybea AKA Auntie Bee's Creations says:

I LOVE the gรถt 2 be glued hair spray. Being hypothroid means a lot of hair sprays don't work for me. This is the only one that works. Thanks for this video. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thrasherbabe90 says:

The Ulta coupon DOES work on Big Sexy. I work there.. Also, Ulta does not have the ability to scan manufacture coupons and everything is manually entered. It is possible that your cashier is frustrated with the process… But yes you can stack them.

lisa p. says:

Found this video very informative. I hate to be negative but Ulta always gives me grief withย  coupons. I tried to use store and manuf. and they would always shoot me down. Tell me you can't combine.


Hello Mary๐Ÿ˜€thanks for sharing๐Ÿ˜˜

Doreen C says:

Great video Mary. There is an Ulta store in my town that I have never stepped foot in. I feel more prepared now. Sounds like a trip on Black Friday to Ulta may be in my future. Ths tips for Burlington and Marshalls are very helpful because these stores are in my town. TJ max I might have to travel to the next town. I'm excited for Black Friday so I'm glad you are taking about it. Thanks. Doreen

Beth E says:

Extremely informative video. Thanks for taking the time.

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