Save on groceries without using coupons

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John Matarese shows how one shopper saves without clipping any Sunday coupons.


hellokitty8404 says:

I would never shop at Safeway.

theresa bollman says:

If you have a little extra freezer space and pantry space (or can fit boxes of food under beds etc) , with in a short period of time you can almost never have to pay full price for anything you eat. You have to buy sale items, even if you arent serving them that week, sometimes. But in a short time you will have a variety of everything on hand. And til them make your menus around the meats/fish etc that are on sale. Don't make your menu THEN shop. We have saved thousand$ since we started this.Try it!

alexis2kool says:

If you're shopping at Safeway, Albertsons, or Fred Meyers you're fucking stupid.

Unclesamslair says:

you can also start a garden and grow your own food

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