Scanning and organizing documents automatically!

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I have found an easy way to scan documents and sort them with very little additional effort. Stay tuned next week where I show you how to set everything up!

The programs that are used are:

A-PDF Barcode Split Service
Barcode Generator

I recognize that my idea is not unique, and that there are several services like this available, but most of them are marketed for large industries and cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. The trial software for the A-PDF service has full capabilities, but places a watermark on each document. If you don’t mind the watermark on the A-PDF Barcode Split Service trial, this is a free option; one that is easy to set up, one that any student or parent could use. The full program costs


Soxil 007 says:

This amazing! Thank you! Have you made a video of how to install the programs?

Grapefruit Gravy says:

Thanks a TON for this!!! Its fallen on me to digitize our old archives at work – with a LOT of pages, but they're all separated by folder this is an ideal solution. You're epic!!

Isaac Tanner-Dempsey says:

Wesley this is a very cool idea big ups

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