Secret Trick To Get Discounts Promo Codes N Coupons On Amazon sometime works

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I would like to make it clear that methods or Trick to get discounts Promo codes n Coupons on amazon I showed sometime works and sometime not. So if they don’t work for you, plz don’t blame me 🙂

There are few methods that I describe in this video to get discount on your amazon products, There are people who share their views and tell on many blogs how to get discounts on amazon we just club all theose views or people in a video and create a video on getting big discount on amazon, Yes amazon prime discount are good if you purchase their amazon prime that cost around 90 dollors, actually all method may or may not work to get discount coupon of amazon, But you should at least can try to is if in really this of any worth, In past amazon prime coupon code were available on amazon website they now they seems to have taken off this,But to save money when buying items from amazon you try these methods that I showed in this video for educational purpose only, I would be more than happy if someone of you get any amazon discount if you really get big discount on amazon after watching this video or applying the trick please do share your views in the description that will help other people also. If you know if prime discount amazon actually works or now please share that also that will help youtube community, I hope you save some bucks 🙂 Thanks for watching this video…

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Vishnu Das says:

ohh fuck this

Vernita Thomas says:

i believe these methods now do not matter to get amazon discount, Why they are already getting too much business and they are not really bother about new users as they are getting without offering such coupons etc..

Kelly Halvorsen says:

3.27 seconds of my life wasted!

sonam mehranza says:

This well known to everyone there is nothing new here if you really wants to get amazon discount you should try something new..

Bev Carney says:

Good idea to to get some discount from amazon

Rupesh kharat says:

sound effects is so bad 😡😖

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