Shop Discount Grocery store – Screen shots at end for one nearest you

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Oops Beef $4.59 lb. not $2.49 lb.

Save money, fight inflation by shopping Discount grocery stores. United Grocery Outlet has locations in 6 states with almost 40 stores. Locations listed at end of video. Screen shot available for each state

I found the one on Crossville, TN when I first started working on my property. I fell in love with discounted prices. A cashier told me there were others . . I went looking for them. It’s now becoming a family event


Nylyn says:

TortillaLand Tortillas. They're in the refrigerated section, usually by the chorizo and cotija cheese. I would wanna by ALL the snacks. LOL TFS

Aisha M says:

Wow! What a great store! Would definitely be worth it to drive that far and stock up. Wish we had something like that nearby in central Alabama. Great finds!

Sarah Preston says:

We have one in Athens and in Sweetwater TN šŸ˜Š off I-75 north of Chattanooga

Poor and Posh says:

Iā€™m first to comment- My apologies. . . Beef is $4.87l lb NOT $2.79l lb

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