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Shop with me / Grocery Haul / Coupon Talk

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shannon lowery says:

I have found that when buying meat it is cheeper to go to a meat market

Susan H says:

What state do you live in? Our milk in Ohio is $1.19-$1.99 a gallon, depending on where you go, Aldi's is $1.19 right now!!

Michele Zink says:

I cannot believe how many great stores you have around you! Unbelievable!

The Antique Autistic says:

we don't have stores with great deals like that. I would buy 50 packs of blueberries for that price

Saving with Nikki says:

Right! stock up while the price is right! Thanks for sharing Amy

Unwilling Vegan says:

lol you were overwhelmed by all the stickers

Cc Rider says:

Just found your channel. Love all the info.

scarahpurr says:

We have those stickers at our stores too, but they will be by percentage (25% off, 50% off). Mondays are the best days to get those here because they restock shelves on Tuesday and want to clear the shelves for the new products coming in!

Divabaybe Emily Thomas says:

great deal on the milk 🙂

makeupbymelic_ says:

Wow those noosa yogurts are so much more expensive where I live

Ellen's Homemade Delights says:

Thanks for sharing this, I love Shopping at the Grocery Store!!

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