Similac Pro Formula with HMO – Review – Happy Hour w/ Dr Young

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Baby Formula Expert (Bridget Young PhD, CLC) takes on a new question about baby formula and infant feeding over Happy Hour every week.
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Ashley W says:

I have noticed my baby is pooping more frequently with the pro advance compared to the regular advance, which is good because she was going days without pooping. It’s so much more expensive 😓

Courtney Graves says:

my doctor recently switched my baby from Gerber to Similac pro sensitive because of gas and spit up problems , will this formula be helpfull

Charlie Rock says:

What is the difference between changing similac pro advance read to feed vs the pro advance powder? Is it a good change? Is it the same thing?

Yans O. says:

hi, do you think it's bad idea to go back and forth from pro to regular advanced ? I've been using advanced and pro because of the samples they give me at the doctors.

L R says:

It has soy in it. I thought we should avoid soy at all costs. Any thoughts?….

drkstxrose says:

thank you so much for this insightful information! this has been so helpful to me!

bakes greats says:

Hey I switch from the advance non-GMO to the Pro Advanced 3 weeks ago what I have noticed is with the new formula the baby has one to two bowel movement per day compared to the Advance non-GMO he would go one to two days without a bowel movement also with the new formula he gets fussy between the feedings the poop is not as smelly with this formula

yuc H says:

Do you have a review for Similac Pure Bliss? I couldn't find it if you made a video on it. I am interested in comparing it to the top organic formula because it looks pretty good. Thank you..

yuc H says:

Thank you for this video. This is the only review on HMO I can find so far!

Shampoo Wow says:

Nice video! I like it

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