Similac StrongMoms UNBOXING!

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Thank you to the ones who have subscribed to my channel! Means a lot to me! I don’t know how long these videos will go on for.. I was only doing this for free baby products but I’ve decided to do it for all kinds of products 🙂 mainly by mail!! OK? Anyway!! About Similac StrongMoms I know that it’s for US residents only but I just love freebies!! Lol I’m from Canada & I joined freebie programs in the US but the packages get sent to a certain address in the US than sent to me in Canada! You can do it too if you don’t mind using these companies that charge you to forward your mail for you! I’ll leave links down below for these sites 🙂 please like & subscribe!! Thanks so much!!

Similac StrongMoms Rewards Program

If you want to forward your mail 🙂

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Hayden Gainey says:

DL 92 says:

this video was recorded February 22 and I waited until I was well enough to edited & upload it up. so yeah these past three videos were recorded February 22 (Glam Sense, TopBox & Similac StrongMoms) just putting it out there 🙂

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