Step by Step Guide to Ordering Clipped Coupons

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Here is a video providing a step by step breakdown on how to order clipped coupons. I hope that this helps someone. :O)

Coupon Flea Market:

Seller mentioned: Ocalacouponclippers

Whole insert website:


Emily Gross says:

I use capri's coupons.  Her whole insert and clipped coupon site are just great.  The best selection.

Maureen L says:

the clipped coupon link doesn't work:(

Honey annmarie says:

thank you so much

Vanessa Kennedy says:

Very very helpful as usual. Thank you for your time and effort in my couponing struggles.

Life Worthy says:

That was very helpful, thank you.

Christy Fruge says:

what region is best to get?

Terri Dean says:

Mary, have you done or will you be doing a video about how far in advance you order your coupons and how you know which ones you will be needing? I am new to ordering coupons and don't think I would know what I wanted until several days into the week which would be questionable if there were still products in the store by the time I needed them. I know CVS has a Thursday preview but I don't know about other stores. You just did a really good video about how to see what items you will want so that probably answers the second part of my question but it still takes me days and days to figure out since I need to keep my OOP as close to zero as possible. Maybe I will be faster figuring out what will work for me with experience?

Doreen C says:

Mary, I am on the west coast. Should I use ocalicouponclippers since they are east coast?

Shantelle Hunter says:

thanks so much for this mary if you want can you doone on whole inserts or its the same ?

Rocio Miami says:

thanks marry.

Abi Karthika says:

1 lot have 10 almay coupons($4) ?

Zully TZURIEL says:

Lo malo es el shipping …🤔

Cindy Brunson says:

When you plan to purchase 100 of an item and you notify the store of your plans, do you have to do all items in groups of 4 like items per transaction or does the store generally allow this quantity of like coupons in one transaction?

Anita Green says:

Thanks this is great. Can you also do one on the whole inserts or Is it the same just different person. Thanks again

Karen Scallo says:

Thanks Mary!

Samantha Costo says:

Very helpful thanks!! 💕

Get It Girl says:

Mary I see by your video's and great work that you are a busy and hard working woman. I appreciate and respect all that you do and you still always somehow find the time to reply to comments. I have been wanting to build a great Youtube channel but can't seem to figure it out. If you ever find the the time to do a tutorial on how to make one and what you use I would be eternally grateful. Your teaching techniques are always so easy to follow You are a God send in my eyes😇

sibhaluck puckwimolwal says:

This is absolutely helpful. Thank you so much❤❤❤❤❤

Debra Garza says:

really miss the old way you did videos they were much more fun

Theresa Koch says:

I asked CVS manager about rain check & attaching coupons. He says once coupon expires it is no good & cannot be accepted. Bummer.

This was very helpful. Yes please do one for whole inserts.

Thank you for all that you do Mary. We REALLY appreciate you!!

Get It Girl says:

This was very very helpful. TFS. Have a wonderful day gurl 😁

Elizabeth Lopez says:

Thank you ! 🙂

Linda Patrick says:

This video is so useful Mary. thank you!

Fabiana Rocky says:

Mary: will you be doing this for Capri's coupons? This helped a lot!

melissa Arrington says:

Thank you so very much!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Jeanette Whitson says:

What the heck is up with Youtube? I have not gotten a notification in a while about your videos and one other person I follow so this morning I decided to check an I was unsubscribed? NOT!!!!! So I had to do it again. Makes me wonder who else I am missing so now I have to investigate!

Victoria Coffey says:

Wow great info! I can see myself coming back to this video. I've tagged it to re watch. Thanks Mary

Jessie Jess says:

thanks Mary you are always so helpful and it easy for us 😊

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