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Michele Zink says:

I wish we had that store – I have 4 dogs!!! and I didn't start out with 4 – kids went to college and came home with dogs – a friend died and left me her dog…. and everyone has to eat something different because of their tummies. Nutro, Little Ces. for the yorkie, etc., so when there is a deal, I stock up too!!

loch ness says:

crazy, crazy prices….. you just don't get that here in the UK…lol

The Chase Family says:

ok 8AM update!! (NJ time) I went to our Stop & Shop and there was not alot left but….. I was able to get $23.00 worth of dog food for $11.55 and it will last me for a while. My husband doesnt work in the winter months and I try to stock up… and this helped so much THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Just Call Me Ms says:

Wow! Amazing sale!
No Stop 'N Shop around me, love seeing your awesome hauls!!💕

The Chase Family says:

Ok. I'm in my pajamas. Trying to decide if I want to go now or first thing tomorrow. Lol.

Joelene Bailey says:

Hi🤗Awsome….Thanks for sharing….Love the music girl😎😊😆….I don't think I really ever have commented on your videos….I do watch, and enjoy every one❣….I have had you on my mind since all that foolishness went down😔….Don't know the details, and don't care….I immediately went to their live feed that night….Never knew or heard of them before this happened to you….Anyways, I said a few words, letting them know my feelings and opinions….They of course acknowledged my comments, but really had nothing intelligent to say….Do they ever🤔who in their right mind would watch them?!?! I seen a few people I sub to that have over 10,000 subscribers….Their true colors sure played out in that live feed….I'm no longer ever going to EVER watch their channels again….I don't even want to give them a view to call them out….Stay Strong….God's got you🕆….Best believe all of us here LOVE and SUPPORT your channel💗We will be here to continue to support and love every video you post💟….Keep the awsome videos and savings coming out way….Plus, one of my favorites Dumpster Diving….Girl I would be going with you if I could😎If it's free or helping others I'm all up in that….Have a Blessed Weekend🌼🌻

Aby Lopez says:

Your not crazy Amy. 😂
There see your amazing cuz you help use find great deals, although I don't have neither off those store's 😅😣. And I have furry baby's 😸🐩… Have a blessed day Amy, am glad your back 💖.

Candice H. L. says:

Another idea, is to donate it to the animal shelters, thanks for sharing.

Tammie Green-Bradley says:

a little jealous no stop and shop in my area! I am so proud of you to dust off the bad and keep going.

ChicRustique Dre' Haray says:

Oooo, usually think shopping at Stop & Shop is too expensive but for those prices I'm going to run in there thank you!

Pam K says:

Got all the cat food they had 🙂 I was a little greedy and people hate people like me but hey 🙂 I love a deal too. <3

Jennifer Cote says:

great video awesome savings ❤

Nancy Dupuis says:

Big thumbs up because your amazing! Those price are awesome wish we had this here in canada. Have a good day.

Melissa Pent says:

Thumbs up because I know you're crazy?! NO! Thumbs up because the video is awesome, your content is awesome, you are amazing! Thank you for your effort! See? This is so helpful! Do it when you can, we appreciate it!

Debra Myatt says:

Oh how I wish we had a Stop and Shop!! We rescue dogs and have waaay too many right now. The food costs are mounting!! I think we pay more for their food than our human food. Lololol Tfs!!

Bitty Boo Brown says:

great score we dont have stop and shops here 🙁

Don Kopp says:

Do you have many animals? LOL

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