Stop and Shop Weekly Deals August 25 2017 – $14 Moneymaker!!

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A great moneymaking week at Stop and Shop!

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Turkey Bacon Coupon –


Purvis Thompson says:

Just starting out..thanks for your videos. e coupons are the same as the S&S digital coupons?

252 MSP says:

is the gain deal still going on this week? great haul!

neweng research says:

Are you doing another gain deal now that new coupons/eq have come out? or what WOULD you try? tia

powerwatcher2 says:

Hey, so you print out a lot of the coupons on paper to use them at store? Also which of those grocery rebate apps do you use? Thanks.

Samantha Acton says:

Awesome video as always. Don't forget the SavingStar rebates for the zatarains rice and puffs tissue.

Emily Mattoon says:

Where do u find thebody armor drinks andmamma chia squeezes? I tried but couldnt find them last week

Brenda Hernandez says:

Stop n shop is changing their policy if you get the bonus you cant use coupons .idk we will see

Joanna Hall says:

Hi i love your videos and i usually do Shop from home with ShopRite and i do save more than 80% on my order. But i recently stated shopping in Stop &Chop watching your videos. And last week inly paid $2.34 and got a whole lot of stuff. So thank you!!
My question is the stop&shop E coupons reset every week? Or can you use them multiple times. Or do i have to wait until they come again. Thank you for taking your time to answer 😉

Khalima Jacobs says:

I shop at Giant and for some reason my ecoupons wont come off. I usually have the cashier scan merchandise then the manufacture coupons and scan my card last. Not sure what im doing wrong. But thanks for the deals. Great haul!

Liz Wang says:

I've learned so much from your videos and I tried to emulate some of the deals, in much smaller transactions. Still learning! Thank you!

Saving with Nikki says:

Great savings! Tfs

neweng research says:

fyi: I didnt do the welch's fruit roll ibotta last week and my quantity was also reduced to 1
[& as always : awesome job..]

Rhonda Hull says:

Who doubles?

Amanda Campbell says:

Went to stop and shop today and could not find those horizon snacks!!! Where did you locate them??

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