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Print this coupon & use it on deals going on now (end Saturday 5/21) or hold on to it for another deal. Just wanted to share.

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Dolores Hernandez says:

How many of this CVS coupons can you use at the sane time? Help!!! I need to do this deal today!

Pam Hocker says:

Thank you Toni!!

Daysi A. says:

Thumbs down. You should always give credit where credit is due. Couponing with daisy shared this hours before you did

K F says:

YAASSS 🙂 Thanks Toni!

Carla Beavers says:

Well nevermind when I opened a new browser it worked. FYI for anyone getting those ads, to start a new browser up. Odd.

Carla Beavers says:

anyone having issues printing these? I keep clicking on take the quiz and it keeps bringing me to a page of ads….

Keily A says:

Should I use this coupon with the TRESemme deal or should I hold on to it?

Janie Olvera says:

Thank you 💜Toni, have a great weekend😉…Yayy it's Friday👍⛅

Christine Taveras says:

Awesome thank you so much Toni 🤑

Carolyn Gee says:

thank you. Can these coupons only be used at CVS?

Greetings and More by Creative Conner says:


Holly Brown says:

Thanks Toni you are the best😊

Sagar Patel says:

Thank u for sharing😘😘😘
Love yaaa girl…

Charlie Beagle says:

Can it print from iPhone or laptop only?

Tracy D says:

so don't ship the tresseme b1g1f this week? i was surely going to do it to lol

Couponing With Dee says:

Ty as always🤑💰🤑💰

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