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The old saying tells us time is money. Printable Coupons and Couponing is a perfect example. Before you can redeem your coupons you have to spend time cutting, clipping, accumulating, sorting and filing them.

Someone estimated people who are hard core couponers spend upwards to 14 to 16 hours a week printable coupons. Of course there are people who spend less time just as there are people who spend more time.

On top of the above associated activities, coupon users are still required to plan their shopping trip. All the coupons in the world are worthless if a person hasn’t planned on when and where they will use them.

Beginners who have yet to set up a personalized system probably are the ones who will initially spend more time. Even printable coupons requires a learning curve and a workable, easy to follow system. Honing those couponing skills requires time and effort just the same as any other field.

Couponing can be a fun and money saving hobby. Some people have taken it to extreme and earned the label extreme printable coupons. These are the folks who spend what seems like every waking moment immersed in couponing.


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