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As one of the largest chains in the world, Subway has become well-known for its submarine sandwiches. From meatballs to tuna, the sandwiches are made to order with an array of meats, toppings, condiments, and bread choices. But you already know that, you just want to eat all of it for a bit cheaper. Well, Subway coupons aren’t hard to find and can save you money.

One way to get coupons with a minimum amount of effort is to sign up for the Subway FRESHBUZZ through the company’s homepage. FRESHBUZZ sends out Subway coupons, promotional news, and contest info through emails and text messages. Past coupons have included a dollar off a footlong sub, or fifty cents off a six inch.

Check the official Subway Facebook page or Twitter feed for more info about savings you can get. Some contests and promotions have given coupons to people just for taking part. One example was the Subway High School Heroes contest. Users voting or nominating heroes were automatically entered to win ten dollar gift cards.

Subway cards can also be used to earn reward points. These points can be redeemed for free food and discounts when making purchases. Codes for points can be found on many coupon-compiling websites and are used by going to and clicking on the “Redeem Code” tab. These can sometimes be used to get you instant savings such as a free dessert.

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whitecow says:

I just got a great SUBWAY offer, join their text club now 2 get ur FREE 6" w/30oz drink purchase! Click link:

Dddaaavvviiiddd3 says:

you need to make the pan they bake/cut the bread in actually 12in rather than 11… false advertisement

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