Subway EXPOSED – Owner Of Kenner Subways Will NOT Accept Any Subway Coupons – Subway Scam

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Boosdead says:

Nice shoes you chach

!rC says:

"Participating locations only." What do you think that means? Some can't afford because they(the owner), personally, offer much higher wages, locally bought ingredients, larger quantity of ingredients per sandwich, etc. etc. etc. – it's her right as a biz owner- source, know multiple location owner (not subway) that can accept coupons because some locations can afford.

tom ee says:

they are individuality owned and not required to accept coupons…

read the first line. ."prices and participation may vary"
by using them you agree to the terms. . sorry

RockStar says:

Liked the video. Don't like the Subway policy.

Steven Johnson says:

but, if you want to F* them up, get as many people as you can with coupons, go in, place your order and when you come to pay, offer over the coupon, when they don`t accept it, just walk out of the door.

Steven Johnson says:

notice at the bottom of the coupon it says "Valid only at participating New Orleans area locations."
therefore, they DONT HAVE to accept it.

Charles Walton says:

Now for some odd reason I understand that some locations might occasionally deny acceptance of a coupon at a particular Subway location. BUT when you have a owner of several Subway locations in a particular area (Kenner) and this owner never honors any Subway coupons then this becomes a SCAM! The coupons I show you are for New Orleans area Subway restaurants and KENNER is considered a New Orleans area Subway location! Subway sends me dozens and dozens of these coupons to my house in Kenner and yet they NEVER accept any of these coupons at their restaurants here in Kenner! This equals what I would call a SCAM! Subway should not allow their restaurants to do this!

They know that once someone comes into their restaurant the customer will likely purchase a sandwich regardless of whether or not Subway accepts the coupon presented to them. Doing so is a way for Subway to increase their sales and profit by LURING customers into their restaurants with a FALSE promise of saving money with one of their coupons. How would Subway like it if people gave them fake money that could not be used to purchase anything? I don't think they would like that! So don't offer us coupons that you do not accept! Stop scamming the customers!

YourOwnDumbAss says:

+PartizanRepublic I read the coupon over and over and what you're claiming it reads it does not, where are you getting said information from since it's not from the coupons in this video itself?

PartizanRepublic says:

C,mon ,,,,,,,, its a franchise. Read the bottom of the coupon. It does not effect Subway as a whole. Only the franchise owner who chooses to honor the coupon or not. That's what franchise fees are for. It specifically states New Orleans participating Subway locations. This is standard licensing procedure. If you don't like it , vote with your business or lack thereof. There is no hidden agenda. It is clearly stated what the terms of the offer are.

roxanneworld11 says:

definitely recording it is correct..i am pretty sure she's in violation of her corporate but don't wait: also facebook it, twitter it, youtube it all over the place…if nothing else it will put this idiot owner & all her locations on fact, start a * dedicated * facebook page and a * dedicated * twitter page for this campaign…+ what's also weird is that i thought all stores/owners got some kind of compensation for what customers saved in coupons..but maybe not? could be just part of the agreement..if you learn about that, too, let us know..not that it's an excuse for the franchise owner's bad behavior..and it'd definitely false advertising, which is illegal.

depending on far you get, maybe get hold of a Legal-Aid lawyer or one of the local law school's free clinics and ask some questions..i'd also say look forward to tons of coupons from corporate – but that would be an endless loop until the first issue gets resolved.

one more bit of info: if you have any Jimmy John's sandwich shops down in your neighborhood, unless they're scamming in your town, too, that franchise far surpasses Subway, starting with that they actually give you a decent amount of deli meat on the sandwiches! i was actually shocked at how good they were!….i've been to a few locations and i've never had to pay for extra meat – unlike when i used to visit Subway sometimes, even when there was an 'extra' amount ordered, there was still no comparison…and no corporation is perfect, as i continue to learn, not even JJ's. but their HR people seem expert at hiring workers who are naturally good with direct employee to customer relations, as well..and i don't  do a lot of fast food, [more often when i'm traveling on holiday] but whenever i do i appreciate employees who know what they're doing and who treat the public well…keep us posted.

princessleigh30 says:

I would call my lawyer she sounds like a bitch

john smith says:

Have you shared this with Subway itself? I would love to hear their response to this,

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